AproVet Nicaragua

AproVet Nicaragua, led by founder Dr. Lester Tapia, is a non-profit organization nestled in the picturesque city of Granada, Nicaragua. Dr.Tapia's journey began with his experience at World Vets, where he encountered a variety of aspiring veterinary professionals worldwide. Motivated to contribute to his country, Dr. Tapia established AproVet to address various needs, many of which include medical care for working horses. This mission plays a vital role for families as working horses are essential for carrying out daily tasks necessary to provide for their family. Furthermore, AproVet also extends its aid to veterinary colleges and assistant schools in Nicaragua, enriching students' understanding of veterinary medicine and gives students a location to gain hands-on experience.

With the help of a committed volunteer coordinator, AproVet facilitates teaching programs for veterinary students. They happily invite DVM’s, and qualified technicians to share their expertise, particularly in spaying and neutering, catheter placement, intubation, and anesthesia. Dr. Tapia also assists veterinary students by facilitating externship documentation upon request. Another goal of AproVet is the dedication to animal welfare, specifically focusing on controlling the animal overpopulation through high-volume spay and neuter projects. These projects perform a remarkable number of surgeries, typically ranging from 400 to 500, contributing significantly to animal population control.

These initiatives demonstrate Dr. Tapia's tireless dedication to his cause, as he works from dusk to dawn. His dedication reflects his unwavering commitment to his cause in not only wanting to alleviate animal suffering, but also to educate and inspire others in the field of veterinary medicine. His altruistic spirit shines through as he tirelessly strives to improve his country's welfare, educate others about veterinary medicine, and safeguard animal well-being.

Dr. Joe Zulty and Dr. Lester Tapia have known each other since their days working with World Vets. Since then, over the last 10 years they have maintained contact. Just recently GeoVets joined AproVet to accomplish a four day spay/neuter clinic in Nicaragua (see Blog entry). As a result the connection has grown into a collaborative effort to benefit pets and people in Nicaragua with the goal of such partnership helping facilitate better exposure and donation opportunities. When you donate to AproVet through GeoVets PayPal please designate that your donation is to go to AproVet.

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